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  1. swampie · · Reply

    Lovely D-Day remembrance.

    Was wonderful talking to you this morning (wait, it’s still morning!) and I remembered, as I was out in my clunker rocker bottom “toning” shoes, to tell you to tell Duffy that, if he can find ’em in his size, those shoes seriously kick plantar fasciitis ASS. I was able to continue working on my feet all day because of those shoes. Plus they don’t cost much at Walmart. ‘Course, he might be teased mercilessly because I’ve NEVER seen ’em in the men’s department and, trust me, I’ve looked, because I have bigass feet. The shoes I currently have are all white and don’t look at all feminine. They’re more like big boxes with a rocker-type bottom so there’s no pressure on the heel and LOTS of support for the midfoot.

    I don’t wear ’em much anymore (because I don’t need to!) but keep a pair on hand “just in case”. Seriously, before trying the Good Feet Store or doctor-prescribed orthotics, give the shoes a try. If they can help ameloriate the pain for cheap, well, that’s good. They cut the pain better than the orthotics IMO. Does he have pain in both feet equally, one worse than the other, or just one?

    I woulda called with this, but SwampMan is waiting in the truck for me to go do liftin’ and totin’ in his classroom, and I can type faster than I talk.

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