A Snowden Job And A Much More Important Issue

I post this here to emphasize these words – from TCOTS: You are at liberty to change The Constitution if this bothers you, but you are not allowed to ignore it.

Another thing to consider: you cannot get through a single, waking day in America these days without violating at least a dozen laws, so it would be very easy to build a probable cause case against anyone.

While The Constitution is, indeed, not ‘a suicide pact’, it is not open-ended in national security matters. This program goes too far in it’s unrestrained and wanton gathering of information on American citizens.

This program must be stopped and political correctness must end. We should be targeting Muslims who raise the slightest suspicions because it is Islam which is at war with us and The West. No non-Muslims should be targeted unless there is a reasonable suspicion that they are aiding and abetting any of our enemies [the Mohammedins,
Red Chinese, Russians, etc]. That is the price one pays to live in a constitutional republic.your thoughts here… (optional)

The Camp Of The Saints

Methinks Mark Steyn get’s it right:

…One reason for the citizenry not to entrust its personal information to the government is that the big, bloated, blundering government is stupid enough to entrust it to Edward Snowden, as it was previously stupid enough to entrust it to Bradley Manning (the Wikileaks leaker). It’s only a matter of time before the halfwit leviathan entrusts it to a Major Hasan or a Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Stacy McCain has offered his takes here and here and here.

From his latest one:

The explanations offered by Edward Snowden just don’t add up. They are rationalizations or excuses, more than explanations. And while there are people who desperately want Snowden to be the hero of this story, I think it’s not really going to work out that way, because Snowden appears to be a deeply flawed personality.

Within 48 hours, “sources close to the investigation” will bring out damaging…

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