Mark Scudder: Talent you can believe in!

I am not a solid Conservative. I am not a Liberal by today’s standards. The closest I can come to describing my political ‘philosophy’ is ‘Constitutional small-l libertarian.’ I believe in the Constitution of the United States, and the principles therein. I’ve discovered over time that I am a States Rights proponent, though that be heresy to many. So be it.

That being said, I am also a little short of discretionary income sometimes, moreso at this time in my adult life than probably any other time since Jimmuh ruled the world. I’m not connected politically, because politicians either want the lowest of the low, income-wise, or someone with some cash for their coffers. I have neither of those to offer anyone.

What I do have is a bit of scratch to buy a few small things like music or books now and again. I have an online friend who has song-writing talent beyond words. REAL talent. And Conservative values. That’s an anomaly in this world, eh? So, though I don’t spend much of my dwindling supply of money on music, I will spend what I have on this talent. Why Conservatives with money and a platform don’t embrace this guy and the few others like him, I’ll never figure out.

My friend’s name is Mark Scudder. He’s raising money to be able to record his next album, which is entitled #TheAntisocialNetwork. Mark broadcasts some of his song-writing sessions online, and I have had the distinct pleasure of attending quite a few. It is more fun than I can say, with lots of laughs and great people. This may be a surprising statement to those who know I’m not exactly musically inclined, nor am I talented that way at all, but sitting in on those sessions has been a high point in my life.

So, how about some examples of Mark’s writng?

This is off his album The Solution Is The Problem – probably my favorite song from that effort.

Follow Me (The Hypocrite Song)

Or this one might be my favorite…decisions, decisions!

I Will Love You If You Let Me

My point here is this: If you support the Liberal agenda by buying music or books written by Liberals, your money goes to Liberal causes. Trickle-down Communism ain’t my bag. My pittance come payday will go to a man who fights the fight almost completely alone and unaided.

Because being a Wolverine doesn’t mean following the crowd…


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