Gimme A Break

So…what Paula Deen said nearly 30 years ago is grounds for firing (that’s what it means when they don’t renew a contract, after all). But The Current Occupant wrote a book full of subversive, ignorant, racist drivel, and HE got elected, then re-elected. Not only that, his divisive statements and actions continue to this day, as he and his fellow weasels tear down and rip apart anything Americans have built. What bilge…

Snigs' Spot

Wow, what is the world coming to? You know, I’ve never watched Paula Deen, never bought one of her cookbooks, never eaten at her restaurant- all because she’s never interested me in the least. I guess you could say I’m just not a fan. However, this flap over “hurtful language” used in the *past* still floors me & stirs up a lot of annoyance in me. Every last person on Earth, no matter how famous or “insignificant”, has said hurtful things to someone, somewhere. Every last person on Earth has made less than kind comments, even if in private, about someone out there- be it about their race, religion, IQ, social standing, wearing glasses, their nose, their big ol’ butt, their make-up habits- SOMETHING.

If what was SAID in the past is enough to persecute folks over & cause them to lose their jobs, EVERYBODY would be without a job.

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  1. that was my first thought exactly

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