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My Pixie left early today, to go spend the night with her cousins at her other grandparents’ house. Pictures have been posted, and this is my very favorite: Going to work tomorrow, should be off early since I’m starting early…baked a new banana bread recipe today, I hope Duffy likes it. Tired now, going to […]

No Underquilt Hang, Hidden Pond in Ocala Forest

You KNOW it’s too hot for a hang, right? With the summer heat and more-than-occasional thunderstorms, plus the legendary mosquito issue in Florida, why would anyone in their right mind go hang in the woods??? In Florida. In July. Well, cuz we’re just that way, I guess… Duffy and I drove out to Ocala Forest […]

July 20, 1969

We’re going hammock-camping here shortly, soon as Duffy gets home from work…so go read my Friend Brian’s post about the first steps on the moon. You won’t be sorry! Do you remember where you were? I was in a little house on the tall-grass prairie in southern Alberta, 22 miles from the closest grocery store, […]

I’m listening to this again…

Just another ignorant entertainer trying to be relevant

Originally posted on The Daley Gator:
In this case, it would be Stevie Wonder. Apparently the Zimmerman verdict has so upset little Stevie that he is boycotting Florida, and all other states with Stand Your Ground laws.   In the wake of the George Zimmerman acquittal, the singer said he would not be performing in the Sunshine…

The Steps We Take…

Working today, then quick trip to commissary for snacks to have along tomorrow. Yep, another trip to Mayport. I am NEVER going to get my house cleaned before the No UnderQuilt Hang next weekend! Yeah…cuz that’s so important… Have a great weekend, & thanks for stopping by!

Sunday at Mayport

We got there early. Just before 9am, I think. It was gorgeous! I packed a homemade chicken nuggets/grapes/pineapple/chips lunch and soft drinks in my new wheeled cooler (Kaylee loves to help pull it). We left that under the picnic shelter, just across from the walkway to the beach. Had a really good time, watched Kaylee […]