Who’s smart now, jerk…?



  1. LOL

    Silly little cars.

  2. Richard · · Reply

    I know I shouldn’t laugh at this, but I can’t help myself. I’ve been driving Saabs for many years and our owner’s manuals have a page devoted to avoiding mooses and deers. The page first appeared after a motoring journalist did a moose avoidance swerve and the car fell over. Oops.

    I guess falling over is better than having your front-end removed.

    I came here from BOAB and I’m enjoying your blog.

  3. Richard · · Reply

    Forgot to say that the car that fell over was a Mercedes, which has links with Smart.

    1. Laugh all you want, Richard, it’s the best – and sometimes only – defense!

      Good to have you here, BOAB is one of my must-reads.

      1. Richard · ·

        Thanks for the welcome, kc. Got you bookmarked now, so you’ll be a daily read.

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