July 20, 1969


We’re going hammock-camping here shortly, soon as Duffy gets home from work…so go read my Friend Brian’s post about the first steps on the moon. You won’t be sorry! Do you remember where you were? I was in a little house on the tall-grass prairie in southern Alberta, 22 miles from the closest grocery store, 20 miles from the closest paved highway…




  1. Richard · · Reply

    I remember exactly where I was. It was vacation time from university and I was staying with my girlfriend (later, my wife) and her parents at Craigie Hall, not far from Cramond, a few miles out of Edinburgh in Scotland. We were sitting on the settee in front of the TV.

    I got into big trouble and learned a lesson a few days later when the blast-off from the moon took place, My girlfriend’s parents had gone to bed and GF and I were getting romantic on the settee in front of the TV. We had to have the TV on, we thought, so that her parents didn’t guess that we were … um … getting romantic. (Yeah. Right :-)) Then the TV said something about blast off and my eyes wandered from GF to the TV. Oops. Angry words and end of …

    1. Yep, I’d say that was memorable, all right! 🙂

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