Non-Union Strike…

I’m joining SwampWoman at A1A South and other people in various places around the internet who are planning on going on strike on 09/11 to protest the lawlessness of the Federal government. It will be one day this time. No commerce will be done whether over the internet or in person. No cell phone transactions for the NSA to record. No internet communications. I will do my best to generate no tax revenues for our leviathan Federal government for the rest of this day. I do not want the Federal government interfering in my healthcare. It’s none of their damn business what kind of plan I have if I have any at all. I’m sick and tired of the NSA, the IRS, the “Justice” department, the EPA, the DoE, the BATF…and don’t forget the CongressWeasels…well. I’m sick of them all.

I expect that they will not even notice this time since only a few of us are doing it. But it’s a start.

For further explanations, go read The Camp Of The Saints.



  1. You’re right, KC, it’s a start.

    Thank you.

    1. Entering Guilty plea to plagarism. Personalized SwampWoman’s post instead of composing my own. Time constraints, y’know…

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