Bad Week for the Halfrican Queen

A1A South

This has been a bad week for the Halfrican Queen of D.C. and Princess Harry. They EXPECTED that the owners of the privately-owned businesses that were arbitrarily shut down, the thousands of people that were suddenly unemployed, the parents of the schoolchildren left stranded at school when the Park Service closed the road that their schoolbuses traveled, elderly crippled homeowners given 24 hours to vacate their homes, tourists held under armed guard in Yellowstone National Park, and the thousands of veterans whose entry to their own memorials were blocked would start demanding the blood of the GOP and the TEA Party. They could hardly wait. They even cut off the funds for the families of the people killed in action in a war that Obama escalated but not many knew about because, hey, the media isn’t interested in covering those killed in action due to a DEMOCRAT president. That meant…

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  1. Trying to call. Dang Gmail. Can’t find your house #.

    1. SO good to talk again! See you next week – I’ll bring cartons!

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