Why Are People Still Shocked And Surprised By Obama?

The Camp Of The Saints

I mean…really.

At a DSCC event in Texas, Julius Obamacus Nero Caligula Caesar speweth thusly:

Obama-as-Stalin-ReaganiteRepublicanAs Lisa mentioned, we are remaking the courts.  I know that we’ve got some lawyers here, and here in Texas sometimes people feel a little frustrated about the pace of appointments here in Texas.  But you should know that in addition to the Supreme Court, we’ve been able to nominate and confirm judges of extraordinary quality all across the country on federal benches. We’re actually, when it comes to the district court, matching the pace of previous Presidents.  When it comes to the appellate court, we’re just a little bit behind, and we’re just going to keep on focused on it.

It seems a lot of people are aghast that the Jug-Eared Tyrant would say ‘we are remaking the courts’.

To those who are appalled, let me ask: what is it about the phrase…

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    1. My pleasure, Bob…so…does anyone ever ANSWER that question? Why DO so many – even those among the group I refer to as “Us” – still expect this jackass to be different than he’s EVER shown himself to be?

      Willful ignorance is one answer, but are we, as a society, so determined to ‘see the good in everyone’ that we blindly believe something we have never seen???

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