I Still Oppose Obamacare

A1A South

mini meDaughter put a picture of Zoe on Facebook that looks EXACTLY like I do when I’m contemplating the people excusing the failures of the Democrats to recognize the trainwreck that is Obamacare. WHAT DID THESE IDIOTS  THINK THIS WAS ABOUT? It certainly wasn’t about health care, because there are better and less expensive ways to accomplish what they destroyed.

Oh, silly me. I know what they *thought* would happen. The media would proclaim how wonderful of a triumph this was for the poor and ignore the reality as per usual with all of the Obama policies. But a funny thing happened. Too many people got screwed over for the media to cover up. The lies told by the Bullshitter in Chief were too pervasive for denial, though they did try to deny them as well as blaming the eeeeevil insurance companies. When that didn’t stick, they told everybody they “misunderstood”.

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  1. I’m very aggravated at the people that do not understand what is being done here.

  2. Everything that works is being torn apart.

    1. And the oppressors laugh gleefully…

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