Happy Day-After Christmas!

I have been here in Pensacola since Sunday. It’s been a nice week so far, though it cooled off rapidly after I got off the bus in Ft. Walton Beach…

Our Christmas Day was quiet. We exchanged a couple of small gifts – a hearing ‘aid’ for me (now I can hear the ol man in my left ear when we’re in the truck!) and a Jack Reacher paperback for him. The ‘big’ Christmas will be on the 5th, in Jax, with the kids. Looking forward to that! After gifts and breakfast, we drove down to Big Lagoon and hiked the 4 mile loop. It was pretty chilly (honestly, it was cold for Florida – I wore a fleece pullover AND my down vest, and had tights under my hiking skirt), but absolutely beautiful. We saw a Giant Egret, a Great Blue Heron, a couple of woodpeckers, mockingbirds, and some hungry squirrels. I knew they were hungry because they devoured the bits of Clif bar Duffy threw almost at his feet. I swear, biggest squirrels I ever saw.

Today he’s back at work…and it’s not going to be a fun one. I’m going to pay a couple bills and do a little housework. Will try to post more later, but if I don’t, thanks for stopping by!



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