Storm Of The Century!!! (Winter edition)

Hi! Welcome Back!

Now that January is about over, I should probably post some things. I am in Pensacola as a regular thing now, having ‘moved’ everything really important over here last week. Well, everything important except the cats…and the kids…and my winter gear!

I grew up where there was Winter. I used to live where Winter was a real thing, an expected thing, and we prepared for it well – since we moved to Maryland from Hawai’i, fercryinoutloud…I have a down coat, insulated boots, longjohns, the whole nine yards. REALLY I do!

We had a couple cold winters since we’ve been back in Jax, too – cold and frozen, but snow flurries only once (At Christmas. Kaylee told me she remembers that. Wouldn’t surprise me). Those freezes weren’t combined with precipitation, thankyouGodforsmallfavors.

This year, my first week in Pensacola, we get Winter Storm Leon (when did they start naming these things, as if they’re hurricanes?). Leon was not a friendly dumping of too-much-for-the-South snow, followed by news reports of kids and grownups sledding down every available incline. Leon dumped freezing rain, ice pellets, and sleet. Temperatures dropped below 25F and stayed there for 2 1/2 days. Our furnace unit froze up – thankfully, the space heater from the bathroom, coupled with the oven and some fleece and down hiking gear kept us not just warm but actually comfortable. The duplex is well-insulated, and that helped a lot. I made an early run to Publix just before the worst of the rain hit us, and spent the afternoon making beef barley vegetable soup. Oh, it was SO good!

Duffy went in to work on Wednesday but came home to pick up things in case he had to spend the night at the office. There was a train that derailed, and they were waiting on a decision as to whether or not to evacuate the town near there (hazmat call, dontchaknow). There was also a possibility of moving people in shelters if power went out. There was no massive outage…according to the paper only about 10% of the city lost power. YAY! It was fairly early Wednesday when they made the call to completely cancel bus service on Thursday…so he was home most of the day yesterday. Today ECAT is running a regular schedule. Back to what passes for ‘normal’ in Pensacola!

So…here’s a few pictures…

VERY chilly morning.

VERY chilly morning.

My little truck...just after Duffy left for work on Wednesday

My little truck…just after Duffy left for work on Wednesday

Sun thru the ice...

Sun thru the ice…



Mrs. Bennett's pond

Mrs. Bennett’s pond


Longest icicle I've ever seen in Florida.

Longest icicle I’ve ever seen in Florida.



Ok, errands to run now. We’re going to go find a hike after the Outdoors Show tomorrow morning. WITH packs! Supposed to be 66F and only 20% chance of precip — WooHOOO!!!

Y’all stay warm and dry, drive defensively, keep a thankful heart…and thanks for stopping by!


One comment

  1. Oh, that’s so pretty! We walked around inside the house with sweatshirts and sweatpants and watched movies under blankets. Our school was canceled one day because it was sleeting and raining and the temperature hovered right around 33 before dawn. After all that mess in Atlanta and Alabama, the school board chickened out, and didn’t want to take the chance on buses sliding around on black ice.

    We got a LOT of rain. A lot of the yard and pasture is still underwater!

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