*Sniffle* Bye Bye, KC!

So…I already miss you. Will call tomorrow.

The difference between kayak and canoe is kayak takes REAL WORK to tip over. Duffy took his scuba gear out in the ocean and dove off his kayak in Hawai’i. Stable as an aircraft carrier on the water (but quieter). AND it only needs about 6″ of water to float. Lovely piece of equipment, just lovely.

A1A South

KC of Pixie Place II joined me for lunch at a restaurant that we both know and like. She arrived with one of the kayaks strapped to the top of the truck for the trip back to Pensacola. She and Duffy are having a grand time hiking and enjoying the gulf coast. Did I mention that she is moving there? *sigh*

We were planning on meeting for breakfast because KC had a long drive ahead of her, but I told SwampMan that we were meeting for lunch instead because she had to wait for help to load the kayak.

SwampMan gave me a bunch of questions he wanted me to ask KC about the kayak, and fishing, and creeks, etc. SwampMan, once his knees are all robotical, wishes to do things like kayaking and hiking again. Dang. I remember one of his questions now that I did not ask. He…

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  1. swampie · · Reply

    Can you believe this RAIN? I’m going to need a kayak to get around in the pastures! If I don’t answer the phone, it’s probably because the downpour lightened momentarily and I ran outside while I could.

  2. You can go get one from my house! ^_^ Heard the rain here during the night again, seems to have slacked off for awhile now…

    I have some housework to do…will call later, but WILL answer if YOU call!

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