Well, HI there! Been awhile, eh? How ya been???

We have had a busy few weeks. The weekend of the first of March I went back to Jax to run in the Ortega River Fun Run with Kaylee. We had SUCH a good time! Here are some shots taken at the school, starting with her kindergarten class and Ms. Mahoney:
River Run_group



I would just like to mention here that we DID really run most of the one mile Fun Run…and yes, that was the first time I have run any distance at all since 10th grade P.E. at Senator Gershaw High School in Bow Island, Alberta…approximately 43 years ago…

River Run_Kaylee

River Run_Kaylee2


I spent the night with Kaylee, and we got up and dressed, had quick breakfast, then got out quietly so as not to wake her parents. The weather cooperated by being downright cold (for Florida), which made running MUCH more comfortable for us. The crowd was pretty large, and the vendors were all VERY friendly and helpful. After the run, we got a snow cone for Miss Bee and a cup of tea for me, then Mrs. Wainwright took the picture of the 2 of us. We were back at Kaylee’s by 10:30.

I went to our house, and hung out with my cats for awhile, though cleaning their litter pan was far from the most fun I’ve ever had. Had a wonderful dinner with Kait and Kaylee at the Thai Cafe, got my nam sod fix for the foreseeable future, then crashed on the couch with the hairballs for the night. Next morning Kait and Chris came over and helped load the Malibu Two onto the Tundra while I schmoozed with Kaylee s’more. It was one of those perfect North Florida days which make everyone think Winter is over and Spring is NOW. Uh-huh. I drove up north a ways and had a wonderful lunch at our favorite restaurant with SwampWoman, Good Friend and Proprietor of A1A South, on my way out of town. Miss her. Lots. Got on the road around ONE!!! Had to stop and pick up a roll of duct tape in Baldwin, and seemed like every other rest area was calling me, thanks to the gallon jug of sweet tea I had with me. Finally cruised into Pensacola just before 6:30. Duffy was kind enough to take me to Fazoli’s for a quick spaghetti dinner, and then I melted right into bed. Whew!

I miss my little family and the cats but I’m so glad to be home, where I belong.

Will add pics from this weekend a bit later, chores to do now. Y’all have a FINE day, and thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Pensacola…………
    I need a job there……..

  2. Wanna drive a bus? Navy Fed HQ is coming here, and a couple manufacturers…have to check pnj.com for the stories…can’t remember who it is…

  3. swampie · · Reply



  4. swampie · · Reply

    Dang. SwampMan gets his other knee replaced tomorrow, and I’ve been doing the freakout thing all this week while he’s at work and can’t see me. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

    1. The freakout thing is not conducive to good mental, physical, or spiritual health, Swampie. Maybe a nice bottle of rum…?

      And ORPO ain’t Californian…he’s my brother, and spent more time in Washington state than California…tho that may not be any better… 😀

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