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It’s Take Your Kayak To Work Day in the Florida Panhandle!

Up to 2 feet of rain, 50K lightning strikes per hour overnight. Tornado warnings. Schools closed, NAS closed, ECAT out of service… It’s headed your way, Jacksonville, so take your kayak to work with you. Mr. Floppy wasn’t happy, is hiding under the bed or the desk, but we’re ok and the house is secure. […]

On John Paul The Great, Eternal Truths, And Rejecting Fear

Originally posted on The Camp Of The Saints:
Truth can never be confined to time and culture; in history it is known, but it also reaches beyond history. —Pope John Paul The Great, Fides et Ratio And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the…

“Old and Bold” Pilots a Pensacola Tradition

From the Pensacola News Journal: There is an old saying in aviation attributed to E. Hamilton Lee, who started flying in 1916 logging time as an air mail and airline pilot: “There are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old, bold pilots.” The flight instructors at Pensacola Naval Air Station during the two decades […]

The truth of the matter is…

A lovely day, not raining…so we’ve got tons of chores to do ’round the little house. Hope y’all have a beautiful weekend, thanks for stopping by!

Done moved…

I made a quick run to Jax on Friday. Spent the night at Days Inn with Kaylee, ate pizza…then got up and out the next morning so she could go to the movies with her cousins. I packed up the cat and my bicycle and a few other assorted items. Then I headed out to […]

I’m so excited!

We signed the lease on the little brick house with huge yard on Friday. This coming Friday I’m going to Jax to pick up my cat, will be back Saturday so we can do the big moving part on Sunday. Sure will be nice to have Mr. Floppy back with me! Better run the vacuum […]

I am profoundly Pro-Life…

I was asked yesterday about my Constitutional small-l-libertarian stand on abortion – “Are you pro-life?” I am profoundly pro-Life. I understand that many women believe abortion is their best or their only answer. I can’t change what they believe, and I don’t have a platform or the will to try to change them. I don’t […]