I am profoundly Pro-Life…

I was asked yesterday about my Constitutional small-l-libertarian stand on abortion – “Are you pro-life?”

I am profoundly pro-Life. I understand that many women believe abortion is their best or their only answer. I can’t change what they believe, and I don’t have a platform or the will to try to change them. I don’t understand how any woman who has given birth can be anything BUT pro-Life, but maybe that’s just me.

That being said, I believe the federal government WRONGLY intrudes on something which should be a state or even county decision, left to the populations of the communities involved, not those in D.C. I believe the Supremes who upheld Roe v Wade used spurious reasoning, and D.C should NEVER have been given this power, and federal tax dollars should NEVER be used to supply abortions on demand.

Federally-funded-with-our-tax-dollars abortion is only one of the many items on my small-l-libertarian agenda. Whether Education, Energy, or Environment…More Federal Government Is Never The Right Answer.

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  1. swampie · · Reply

    Yep. I pretty much believe it’s none of the Federal government’s business. If an area wants abortions, then they can have ’em (within limits). I don’t believe in carving up viable infants and strongly disapprove of carving up nonviable infants. We shouldn’t be forced to pay for murder.

    1. You and me both, Swampie, you and me both.

      How’s the SwampMan doing? Better I hope? And the rest of your tribe?

      We sign the lease on the little house today, will be back next weekend to pick up the cat. If Duffy comes along we won’t take time for breakfast at our usual place, but the next time I’ll be alone, so…whatcha got planned for Tuesday morning, the 22nd?

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