Done moved…

I made a quick run to Jax on Friday. Spent the night at Days Inn with Kaylee, ate pizza…then got up and out the next morning so she could go to the movies with her cousins. I packed up the cat and my bicycle and a few other assorted items. Then I headed out to have breakfast with My Dear Friend SwampWoman, author and owner of A1A South at our favorite eating establishment. Let’s just say it was FUN FOR ALL and the food was great, too. When I got back on the road I drove with windows down so I wouldn’t get too comfortable! The meetings with her may be my favorite part of that trip now. Good times.

Mr. Floppy and I made it home in good time. He was very well behaved, thanks in part to Nick stopping his feed on Friday, as I had asked. We are now spending our second full day in the new little house, and everyone seems to be adjusting well.

Some points about the little house we rented:

The fixture in the dining room will be replaced ASAP – it has little 40 watt candelabra bulbs in it, as does the one in the master bedroom. OHNONONO, THIS will not do! Will likely make do with the fan/light in the bedroom, but that one in the dining room HAS to go. We got shelf units for the bathrooms yesterday, replaced the 40 watt bulbs there with 75’s, and it is much improved now! Once there’s a new fixture and a storm door in the dining room, it won’t be so dark either. Other than those things, I couldn’t be happier with this place. The neighbors are friendly. There’s no one going 60mph down the road in front of the house…and the cat and bird don’t seem to be having much trouble adjusting…

The Pet Boys...together again.

The Pet Boys…together again.

Now, I gotta get busy – tons of things to get done I didn’t do Friday, Saturday OR Sunday! Y’all Have A Fine Navy Day on this lovely Monday morning…count your blessings…and thanks for stopping by!


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