On John Paul The Great, Eternal Truths, And Rejecting Fear

Beautiful. Thanks, Bob.

The Camp Of The Saints

Truth can never be confined to time and culture; in history it is known, but it also reaches beyond history.

—Pope John Paul The Great, Fides et Ratio

And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

Exodus, 3:14

I was not surprised that John Paul met the requirements of Sainthood rapidly, for it was evident from his first public appearance on the balcony of Saint Peter’s that Karol Wojtyla was a man chosen of God to walk the Earth in His name, reminding all Mankind of the importance of Eternal Truths — that they existed and were eternal — and that the greatest Truth was still as was declared by God to Moses on Mount Sinai: ‘I am that I am’.  Knowing that God exists means, ultimately, one does…

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  1. Thank you, KC!

    1. My pleasure – thank YOU for posting it!

  2. swampie · · Reply

    That was VERY good indeed.

  3. swampie · · Reply

    KC, you okay out there? I heard that y’all had 25 inches of rain yesterday!

    1. Thanks for asking, Swampie – sorry missed your call, don’t have ringer on as Duffy is frantically getting things together for his drivers and supervisors, while Corporate is calling about the new operation starting in July.

      Up to 2 feet of rain, 50K lightning strikes per hour overnight. Tornado warnings. Schools closed, NAS closed, ECAT out of service… It’s headed your way, Jacksonville, so take your kayak to work with you.

      Mr. Floppy wasn’t happy, is hiding under the bed or the desk, but we’re ok and the house is secure. Emergency Operations for the County has been activated. Duffy’s boss and another employee went down last night and cut off the power at the facility, then had to swim out, the water was at least 2 feet deep. They spent most of the night in a Waffle House. Big Boss was interviewed by the tv station, but I haven’t seen it yet. There is one bus out right now, picking up people to take them to shelters. Quite a few roads washed out.

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