It’s Take Your Kayak To Work Day in the Florida Panhandle!

Up to 2 feet of rain, 50K lightning strikes per hour overnight. Tornado warnings. Schools closed, NAS closed, ECAT out of service… It’s headed your way, Jacksonville, so take your kayak to work with you.

Mr. Floppy wasn’t happy, is hiding under the bed or the desk, but we’re ok and the house is secure. Emergency Operations for the County has been activated. Duffy’s boss and another employee went down last night and cut off the power at the facility, then had to swim out, the water was at least 2 feet deep. They spent most of the night in a Waffle House. Big Boss was interviewed by the tv station, but I haven’t seen it yet. There is one bus out right now, picking up people to take them to shelters. Quite a few roads washed out. Worst of it SEEMS to be over…but the closed roads, standing water, and washed out areas make travel in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties dangerous.

I’ll see if I can find a picture…



Olive Road Baptist Church

Olive Road Baptist Church


Ain’t no fun. Duffy’s just left for work, hope he can make it there safely…read more about it at the Pensacola News Journal.

Take heed, Jacksonville – it’s heading your way…so take your kayak to work! Be safe, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. swampie · · Reply

    But…but…..but…..we don’t have a kayak! Maybe we should sneak over to son’s place and get his pontoon boat. Or at least the canoe.

    Do I need to put tiny life jackets on the chickens? (grin) We had enough rain a couple weeks ago. I think you’re taking it all, and it will peter out before it arrives. This morning, I went outside with a load of laundry to hang it on the line. I looked at the horizon, and absolutely black clouds were heading our way. I went back inside and threw the laundry in the dryer. The clouds passed with just a little spritz of rain. Mom said the same thing happened up in Waycross (GA).

    1. Oh, good! I woulda worried about you and your chickens! I kinda thought it might just skirt the area, from the animation on the radar, but ya just never can tell. This took the entire panhandle by surprise…which means they were lying on the weather reports… 😮

      Run down to my place, there’s a kayak in the back yard. Just tell whoever asks what you’re doing to call me. 😀

  2. […] there were! Check out KC’s blog, Pixie Place II, for flooding updates. Good thing she transported her kayak to Pensacola the trip before last, […]

  3. swampie · · Reply

    Today is hatching day! I put eggs in the incubator and turned them like I was supposed to for the first few days, then it was Easter, and I shoved the incubator under a table in the corner so that it wouldn’t be tripped over or knocked over. You know how I am, though. Out of sight, out of mind. Oh, yeah. I kinda forgot about them. Oops. I heard peeping a couple days ago and kept going outside looking for lost chicks or ducklings before I finally remembered the eggs. I checked the calendar and it was H -2 (two days until Hatching Day). I looked in the incubator. Eggs were peeping. On H -1, two chicks hatched out. This morning, I have 11 little chicks in the incubator drying, and several more eggs with holes being tapped in them. Woohoo! That’s $33.00 worth of chicks if just the 11 survive.

    1. That’s so cool!

      So…I assume you’re not getting all this on video, in hopes of being the next viral sensation on YouTube? 😀

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