Public Service Announcement on Aloha Friday!

My menu – on the blog, that is – has changed…and is changing. At least one of my blog links has a new address, and I’m checking to see if any others are dead or dying or different.

I have to go do some laundry, and I feel like I’ve been run over by a train that’s on fire, so it may take me awhile to get through ’em all…if you find something hinky on your own, please let me know. Thanks and have a FABulous Friday!


  1. swampie · · Reply

    Hope you don’t have that flu thang that has been going around!

    1. Doesn’t look that way – better today by 95% – lots of pollen and dust in the air, so that’s what I think is wrong.
      We hope. Too much to do to be sick.

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