Happy Mother’s Day!

Going to rest up from a busy long weekend, unload the trailer slooooowly…and watch the final round of the Players.

Happy Mother’s Day to SwampWoman, Kae, Treehugging Sister, Snig, Kait, Rachael, Lesley, Anita, Roxanne, Laurene, Natalie, Jennifer and all the mamas out there who make the world go ’round…including my Lovely Daughter and Beautiful Niece. I love you all!


We’ve all come so far…and the path goes on…



  1. swampie · · Reply

    Happy mother’s day back atcha! It poured down rain in the late afternoon here, but the morning was nice as we trailed after mom doing her shopping!

  2. swampie · · Reply

    The picture finally loaded for me. What a trio of beautiful ladies! Happy mother’s day to all.

    1. The picture is Thanksgiving 2012. We all look so good, I use it over and over. I got to see my little family on Friday and Saturday, drove home Saturday afternoon, vegged out on the couch all afternoon on Sunday. I DID go shop for the groceries to get the ol man thru the week, breakfast and lunch wise, but that was as far as my energy reserves would go.

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