It’s that time again, Mike…

Today is my dad’s birthday. He would’ve been 81. He was 59 when he died. I miss him so much…

This month, several years ago, is when my in-laws passed on.

Last week, my first grade teacher died.

Last night, a favorite Duffy aunt lost a tough battle.

Be good to your people while you can.

L-R: Unknown, Not Sure, Mike Cassel

L-R: Unknown, Not Sure, Mike Cassel

Mike Cassel and Tok

Mike Cassel and Tok



  1. swampie · · Reply

    Dang. May is a tough month but so very beautiful. I wonder, sometimes, if people hang on just long enough to experience another spring, then let go before the summer.

    1. Weather-wise, May and November are my favorite months. Otherwise, not-so-much. My dad died on Veteran’s Day, 3 days after my birthday, so I almost think of them as bookends…

      How did lunch the other day go? I wasn’t all that impressed with mine that day – the service was superb, the fried chicken was good, the sides were average at best…but the company was FABulous! The boss’ wife and I have a LOT in common, including a weird sense of humour. ^_^

    2. According to a book I’m reading, that’s not uncommon at all.

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