Monthly Archives: June 2014

FIVE…count ’em, FIVE WEEKS to Trail Time again!

The new job is working out well, and this means vacation is back on the planning board. The maps came out last night, and I’m scouring the Damascus website for accommodations for us and the kids for a weekend in August. WOW! SO excited, I dreamt of sleeping in the trees on a mountain last […]

Flag Day-Father’s Day weekend

Yesterday was the ol man’s birthday. Kaylee and I got him some cute REALLY EXPENSIVE cards (won’t do THAT again!), a gray polo shirt, and the most recent Jack Reacher paperback. Then we all loaded into the Tundra and drove to Steve’s Farm to go catfishing. We had a BALL! Caught about a dozen, between […]

Shit Veterans Don’t Say – Ranger Up

I love these guys.

It’s SUMMER. Now. No matter what the calendar says.

Thursday I spent the morning getting my new vehicle, a 2000 Honda CR-V. Think I have a buyer for the Dakota, too. Made a quick grocery trip and ran the vacuum, and VIOLA! My little family pulled into the drive just about time to leave for supper at McQuire’s Irish Pub. The kids all love […]