It’s SUMMER. Now. No matter what the calendar says.

Thursday I spent the morning getting my new vehicle, a 2000 Honda CR-V. Think I have a buyer for the Dakota, too. Made a quick grocery trip and ran the vacuum, and VIOLA! My little family pulled into the drive just about time to leave for supper at McQuire’s Irish Pub. The kids all love the place. It was Chris’ first trip there, of course, and he was blown away. Duffy and I shared the steak and mushroom pie. YUM! Kait had the Molly’s Cut Sirloin. And we finally talked Chris into THE. BEST. STEAK. The grilled prime rib. He was properly impressed! The food is just so yummy. We didn’t stay up long when we got home, though.

Friday Kait and Chris went to the National Naval Aviation Museum. Again, proplerly impressed. He’s a big aviation buff. Kaylee and I hung out here and tried to get some vacuuming done (dirt and sand get tracked in easier when it’s been raining). Duffy got home early from work, and when everyone was ready, we headed for Pensacola Beach. They all played in the water for awhile, then we wandered over for supper at Crab’s–We Got ‘Em. It was SO nice! We sat at a picnic table in the sand and ate some GREAT fish and seafood. Kaylee loved the mac and cheese and getting to play on the playground, which was RIGHT THERE. As we watched a storm come our way from the Gulf, we headed for the gift shop so Kaylee could get the turtle stuffed animal she fell in love with in January. We hadn’t been in there long when Duffy told us he was going for the car…and it started to storm very shortly after. Drove home in rain, thankful we had left the beach dining area when we did!

Saturday we went to Gulf Islands National Seashore, after a drive around Ft. Pickens. Lovely time there. After getting a slight burn, we cruised the boardwalk and the ‘inner’ beach area. VERY nice. Stopped for refreshement at SurfBurger. I had sweet tea and some fries, cuz I knew where we were going for supper…and the fries at SurfBurger are the absolute best anywhere.









After all that fun, we showered and headed west for Foley, Alabama and Lambert’s Cafe – Home of Throwed Rolls. Long drive, longer wait, but SOOO worth it! I had pork chops, Duffy had ham, Kait had chicken tenders, and Chris had meatloaf he says tastes just like him mother’s. Just good stuff. Kait is sure she put on weight. We got to bring leftovers home (which is a good thing cuz I was too cold to stay much longer). Thankfully, it wasn’t blazing hot while we waited in the crowd outside. Overcast and cool, in fact. We never did get rained on while we were at the beach, only when we went out for supper. How cool is that?

So, I fixed everyone breakfast this morning, and the adult Browns got on the road back to Jax. Miss ’em. We haven’t done much around here today, just had Lambert’s leftovers for supper, in fact. Planning a return trip to Jax the 16th, I think. Right now I’m doing my best to stay awake and it’s 2 hours till bedtime! Have some laundry to fold and at least one shirt to iron, so better get busy.

Y’all have a beautiful evening, and thanks so much for stopping by!

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