Flag Day-Father’s Day weekend

Yesterday was the ol man’s birthday. Kaylee and I got him some cute REALLY EXPENSIVE cards (won’t do THAT again!), a gray polo shirt, and the most recent Jack Reacher paperback. Then we all loaded into the Tundra and drove to Steve’s Farm to go catfishing. We had a BALL! Caught about a dozen, between us. Will post pictures later, when I have time to upload them from Facebook. We did catch and release. It got too hot to stay after a couple hours, but when we returned the rods and reels, I got us some Mennonite blackberry jam, sweet corn, a few red potatoes, a couple tomatoes, a package of butter beans, and a bag of rolls. Mmm…we will definitely go back there!

I’m taking the corn to Jax tomorrow, probably the potatoes, too, if we don’t eat them today…

Here’s what I posted on Facebook for Father’s Day…I really miss that guy sometimes…

Y’all have a beautiful day, thanks for stopping by!


Happy Father’s Day, Mike Cassel. I know all your flaws and faults and weaknesses…and love you in spite of them…because I also know your gifts and talents and strengths. I have many of both myself.

Give Lady and Tok and Frosty hugs from me…and say hi to the Man In Black…miss you much…




  1. swampie · · Reply

    DANG! I need to get the latest Jack Reacher novel, too.

  2. swampie · · Reply

    Oh, hey, try clearing the history and cache of your Kindle to see if you can reach BoB. In case you were unable to reach BoB in the wee hours, Rayra banned and then unbanned you last night in the hope that it would clear whatever glitch banned you to begin with. I was disappointed this morning when I couldn’t login, but then remembered to go back and clear my cookies, history, etc. THEN I was successful!

    1. Hey, thanks! I’ll give that a try later! Funny, I never think anyone there knows I even exist…and then this. Yay!

      1. swampie · ·

        He’s been trying to get an answer from the technical folk from the blog host, but no success. He’s been haunting technical forums, but no success there, either. So he tried banning and unbanning us again, and maybe that did the trick.

      2. swampie · ·

        It didn’t work for me until I went to my settings and cleared out my history, cookies, etc.

      3. I got his email about the banning and unbanning and his so-far-futile search for answers on other forums. What a guy! I haven’t been able to get back on my Kindle for any length of time, but maybe later today…maybe…and y’know, it’s ok when I’m in Pensacola, cuz I have the PC, I only miss out when I go to Jax, cuz all I have there is stolen wifi and my cell phone.

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