FIVE…count ’em, FIVE WEEKS to Trail Time again!

The new job is working out well, and this means vacation is back on the planning board. The maps came out last night, and I’m scouring the Damascus website for accommodations for us and the kids for a weekend in August. WOW! SO excited, I dreamt of sleeping in the trees on a mountain last night…

Training? GAH! So…I mowed the front yard yesterday, and a third of the back yard this morning…I have a doctor’s appt, or I’d put my pack on for the rest of it…man, I need a treadmill!

Anyway…y’all stay cool and dry…will post more later…I hope! I had a thought that’s been roaming around in my brain and when I get it thought out in some sort of coherent fashion, I’ll post it. Aren’t you just on the edge of your seat??? 😀 Thanks for stopping by~



  1. Got a treadmill today!

    Nice batch of spaghetti in the dehydrator and a pot of barley stoup ready to go tomorrow.

    Shopping for supplies to make our own hiking meals today, I found flavoured broths…Oh, my…I’m going to add dried shredded pork, dried shiitake mushroom, quinoa and peas to the hot sour broth and see if it’s a good freezer-bag meal…it sure SOUNDS good!

  2. swampie · · Reply

    Do you dry your own shredded pork, or do you buy it?

  3. swampie · · Reply

    How’s the treadmill working out? I have one, but it’s too damn hot in the house to use it.

    1. Duffy just did 20 minutes with 35lbs. I got new shoes today, so will do 10 minutes with 10lbs here shortly.

      I refuse to live without a/c – it was one of my ‘conditions’ for ever living in Florida a second time – central air. I didn’t make the same requirement for heating!

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