Another busy weekend in the Panhandle

Zowie – Wednesday already! I’m busy as a one-armed paper-hanger and it’s hotter’n Dutch love in a featherbed (as Mike Cassel used to say). UPPER 90s (Translation: about 103F) and humid as Hell. Yes, I do believe Hell is damp like this. Don’t you? 😀

So…pictures of our fun morning of fishing for catfish at Steve’s Farm last Saturday, where we had our own rigs and our own bait this time, instead of renting from the farm:


And ONE picture from Sunday, when we kayaked along the shore at Quietwater Beach, then Grandpa taught Kaylee the basics of snorkling. After that, we had lunch at SurfBurger – I like their fish tacos a lot. It was such a fun weekend!


Super hot, as I said. We left the house early both days, and were home before the worst of the heat set in. The a/c doesn’t work real well in this kind of heat, thankful it’s here, though! I’ve been cooking, too, getting a few dehydrated meals done for our hike in August. The ‘hot’ me here in Pcola has a tough time packing and prepping for 5000ft elevations, where it’s more likely to be cold and raining that hot and humid…but I’m SO looking forward to it!

Better get busy now, chores to do, then we’re going beachcombing when Grandpa gets off work. Have a terrific day, and thanks for stopping by!


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