September 11…2001 and 2012

Pixie Place II


Remembering: James D. Cleere

I found a reprint / repost of a Washington Post list of House Document No. 107-285, Commemorative Joint Meeting of the Congress of the United States In Remembrance of the Victims and Heroes of September 11, 2001. It gave me my idea of how to write this Tribute. You see, I volunteered to write and post a Tribute after finding my way to a site called Project 2,996. The name I was assigned belongs to a man who was…well…a man who was in one of the Towers of the World Trade Center that day.

It’s a very plain-looking list, as are most of the other reprints of that long long list – no frills or fanfares, no candles or flowers or flags waving in the breeze. Most of us live lives that don’t come with public fanfare or frills or parades or widely posted…

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