They say it’s your birthday, happy birthday to ya!!!

For my entire life, the 11th of September has been my brother’s birthday. He’s 14 months older than me, and since we moved around so much, was often my only friend. We both grew up and away, and then the U.S. was attacked by lunatic fanatics, and now the nation remembers this day and keeps it holy. This holiness has been renewed by the ‘protest’ in Benghazi  that resulted in the slaughter of 4 Americans.

It’s still my brother’s birthday – a much more significant event in my life than that attack, or even the Benghazi murders. Sixty years ago today, he was born. Five years ago yesterday he had surgery to remove a kidney with a horrid growing thing on it.

He’s still here, he’s still my brother, and I still love him. Happy Birthday, Old Retired Petty Officer! Rock ON!!!

Since this is also the anniversary of the day the Beatles first played together AS the Beatles, I give you my standard birthday song, Glenn. It ain’t Ozzy, but it makes me tap my toes…



  1. Congratulations to your brother for surviving the horrible thing growing out of his kidney. How horrible was it, precisely? Horrible enough that he preserved it in a block of amber and gave it a name?
    More importantly, congratulations to you for not letting the events of those terrible days cloud over the happiness you rightly enjoy.

  2. I don’t THINK he kept any trace of that thing…but I could be wrong. I know he’s got pictures of the incision, but I haven’t looked at them. I have a 30yo scar on my abdomen, don’t need to see his.

    Thanks for stopping by – been a crazy summer…a nutso year, really…no schedule, nothing more than the barest of routines…and NEXT week I get to have a colonoscopy! My fifth one! WooHOO!!!

    I won’t post those pictures, either… 😀

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