Damn, I’m hungry!

Now that we finally have reasonable, survivable outdoor temps – and a new HVAC unit for the indoor temps – the weather has changed. Lovely low 80s in the daytime and upper 60s at night make the whole world more pleasant. We purchased a screen room to put on the concrete pad out in the back yard, have a set of 4 tv trays and a lamp we got at Goodwill – looks like this, but just shades of blue:

We’ll be having our meeting out there tonight, if it doesn’t rain.

I’m on clear liquid diet today, since I have one of those REALLY FUN procedures tomorrow…the last one knocked me down so bad I’ve almost cancelled several times. Three and a half years ago, I was unable to eat for 2 days afterward, and then only managed chicken soup and saltines for more than a week. Lost nearly 10 pounds. I hope this one isn’t so devastating, cuz I have too much to do…

Anyway, I saw this video this morning and it’s almost too cute for words. I think Mr. Floppy is a mutant hybrid of some sort. Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by!

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