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No doubt it’s a ‘test’ I would fail miserably…or would I…?

I follow Rachel Held Evans on Facebook and Twitter. Some very insightful writing… Get your son. Get a knife. Slit his throat and set him on fire.  I’d like to think that even if those demands thundered from the heavens in a voice that sounded like God’s, I’d have sooner been struck dead than obeyed […]

My Kitchen Floor is Wall-to-Wall Wool

Originally posted on A1A South:
Swampdaughter picked up my drop spindles and combed roving I had on hand to demonstrate handspinning techniques to girls in a class after work at church.  (I wasn’t letting my spinning wheels go!)  Swampdaughter is a VERY good spinner on the wheel but hates my drop spindles.  I like…

How ’bout we just let him die?

The government of LIE-beria wants to prosecute the Ebola carrier for lying on his forms. Riiiiight. I say we simply put him in isolation and refuse all treatment. Let the 21st Century Typhoid Mary die. Oh, I am heartless, am I not? Nothing like the compassionate weasels in OUR government, who refuse to stop flights […]