How ’bout we just let him die?

The government of LIE-beria wants to prosecute the Ebola carrier for lying on his forms. Riiiiight. I say we simply put him in isolation and refuse all treatment. Let the 21st Century Typhoid Mary die. Oh, I am heartless, am I not? Nothing like the compassionate weasels in OUR government, who refuse to stop flights from West African countries. No, that would cause more trouble. Riiiiight. How ’bout we send a LARGE Congressional committee, made up of…ALL of Congress AND their wonks and wonkettes…to every West African country, so they can see first hand what NOT to do.

Then leave ’em there.

The islamic a$$holes have it wrong. Instead of suicide bombers, they just need an Obola Epidemic.

We. Are. So. Screwed.

UPDATE: Patient with Ebola-like (whateverTHATmeans) symptoms admitted to Howard University Hospital. Isn’t this FUN???


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