My Kitchen Floor is Wall-to-Wall Wool

A1A South

Swampdaughter picked up my drop spindles and combed roving I had on hand to demonstrate handspinning techniques to girls in a class after work at church.  (I wasn’t letting my spinning wheels go!)  Swampdaughter is a VERY good spinner on the wheel but hates my drop spindles.  I like my drop spindles and am not as good on the wheel.   So, here I am, with no dyed combed roving. 

Daughter and I took a garbage bag full of unwashed stinky fleece out of my storage building.  Usually I spend DAYS washing and drying a fleece before I dye it with Koolaid.  YES, Koolaid.  It makes a lovely permanent dye in some vibrant colors!  I decided to simultaneously wash and dye the wool, showing Swampdaughter how to Koolaid dye wool fibers in the microwave in case she would ever be interested (probably not).   Mostly I was curious as to whether I could…

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