No doubt it’s a ‘test’ I would fail miserably…or would I…?

I follow Rachel Held Evans on Facebook and Twitter. Some very insightful writing…

Get your son. Get a knife. Slit his throat and set him on fire. 

I’d like to think that even if those demands thundered from the heavens in a voice that sounded like God’s, I’d have sooner been struck dead than obeyed them.


I’ve long been fascinated by the stories of people who defied—or “worked around”—their religion in the name of love, and these stories are plentiful among parents. I once heard from a mother who defied her pastor by ensuring that her daughter received the depression medication she so desperately needed. I know of a father who, though he had once been convinced parents of LGBT children should “hand them over to Satan” as recommended by John MacAruthur, just marched in his first pride parade right alongside his gay son.  And then there is this mom—a conservative Southern Baptist who bravely defended the experiences of her transgender child. 

These are people of conviction, people whose faith is important to them and who long for the approval of their religious leaders and the favor of God.  And yet they risked all of that for love.  

I guess I’m just not convinced that such actions reveal a lack of faith, nor am I convinced that these people would be better off if they disengaged their emotions in the name of obedience. 

I am not yet a mother, and still I know, deep in my gut, that I would sooner turn my back on everything I know to be true than sacrifice my child on the altar of religion. 

Maybe the real test isn’t in whether you drive the knife through the heart. 

Maybe the real test is in whether you refuse.

Read the whole thing here.


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