Will it help?

Ok, BIG changes in DC. But will it matter, really? I am of the opinion that neither party is any different than the other. OH, sure, they try to make it sound like one is sweetness and anti-war, all warm and fuzzy, and the other is made up of brutal slave-holders who intend to continue to get rich off any war they can drum up.

Well, I happen to think that professional politicians are pretty much interchangeable, especially at the federal level. The GOP is already sounding like the lap-dogs they did before. When in hell did the OPPOSITION believe it was right not NOT oppose? WHERE did they read that we trounced the democrats so that we could WORK WITH THEM??? Are they HIGH???

I don’t get it. I will never get it.

May God continue to bless the new red-state governors, and the small-state legislators. Cuz the feds ain’t gonna do nothin’ but continue the mess we’re in now. Cabinets, czars, professional union government workers from the top down, and everyone else at any level of management will see to that. I hope these two become part of the firebrand that BURNS the status quo out of Washington…but I won’t hold my breath.




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