Elections 2014 As Analyzed By @IowahawkBlog, American

I love Bob Belvedere…And iowahawk runs a close second. Follow them both on Twitter.

The Camp Of The Saints

No one — absolutely no one — can craft such succinct and spot-on commentary as Dave Burge [aka: Iowahawk]…

-The baby’s throwing a tantrum again, Ma!….

-It’s Mourning in Leftist America…

-I got yer bipartisanship right here…

Time to repo Granny Mitch and Cryin’ John.

-But will they do it as a series on Investigation Discovery?…

-Never buy…

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  1. Thank you, M’Lady!

    Hope this finds you well.

    1. Quite well, Kind Sir. Been good…busy…found a new Thai restaurant so I don’t have to drive to Jax for nam sod, and for this ol broad, THAT means it’s been a successful day! Don’t get much chance to hang around the ‘puter these days…but the reasons for that are good reasons…and I try to check in with you – thankful for Twitter, which reminds me every day even if I don’t read everyone I love every day.

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