Veteran’s Day Parade 2014

I had the privilege of walking in Pensacola’s Veterans Day parade today. The weather cooperated, parking was a breeze, and the company from ECAT was top-notch.

At the little park where there is a replica of The Wall and several other memorials, there was a space for vendors and such. I found one where I thought I saw iced tea…but I was gently herded toward the front by a woman who explained that this was all courtesy of Walmart – waffles and syrup or sausage&potato in a cup…and water or Coke or Sprite. And fresh apples and bananas. I didn’t know I was hungry till then, but boy, was it yummy.

The very best part of the day, however, was walking the parade route, and shaking hands and saying thank you to at least a hundred men and a few women Veterans who were there to watch the parade – motorcycles, Shriners, Scouts, JROTC, a couple bands and plenty of local cheerleaders …their returned handclasps and thank yous did more for this black little heart of mine than you can possibly imagine. They seemed so…surprised…

If you get the chance, do this small thing. You won’t regret it.

1459218_10152798502739675_6800978091344554559_n (1)

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10402068_10152798503834675_1626163491837687047_n (1)

1380846_10152798504009675_7122049810033549550_n (1)



10628086_10152798504099675_3436382928769261807_n (1)


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1620592_10152798504319675_3687153075717859938_n10801710_10152798504474675_6449789053835041717_n (1)



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