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2014 is the Year of the Liberal Lie

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Modal Trigger The prevarications of (clockwise from left) city aide Rachel Noedringer, author Lena Dunham and ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber all fell apart this year. Photo: (Left) AP, (top right) Getty Images, (bottom right) UPI Bowe Bergdahl. The IRS’s missing e-mails. Lena Dunham. “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Jonathan Gruber.…

You would fail at that as well, barry..

Yeah, yeah yeah…cry me an eff’n river. This guy has never experienced racism. Was raised where he was a Favoured Son and took complete advantage of every ‘privilege’ offered him by this society. Read et cetera: You would fail at that as well, barry… See also, Paco Enterprises: These People Are Unbelievable.

Sooooo Lena Dungheap..

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Point of No Return?

“Every day since the Grand Jury decision was released (along with the autopsy findings and witness testimonies), our so-called black elected leaders along with black academics have appeared on network news programs making absurd pronouncements as though there had not been a Grand Jury proceeding.”

yay, december…how y’all are?

I’m getting back in a groove for a couple weeks, I hope. Thanksgiving with the kids was awesome…as usual. I sent the Turkey carcass home with them and it has been made into some DEE-lish soup. I’m so proud. Cleaned out the freezer today, the turkey that was in there is thawing in the fridge. […]