yay, december…how y’all are?

I’m getting back in a groove for a couple weeks, I hope.

Thanksgiving with the kids was awesome…as usual. I sent the Turkey carcass home with them and it has been made into some DEE-lish soup. I’m so proud. Cleaned out the freezer today, the turkey that was in there is thawing in the fridge. We love turkey round here…

Love those kids more than I can possibly express in words. If you have kid and grandkids, I hope you know…some don’t have a clue how wonderful Family can be. I read something that said kids don’t become good people by accident…I have good kids and they have a good kid. What’s not to love.

Beautiful weather, too.

Life. Is. Good.

I am so thankful. Glad you stopped by!



  1. November was….interesting. Seems like I was living in the hospital for awhile, short break, then back for multiple appointments/hurry up and wait in December. Eeesh.

    1. See you Sunday!!!

  2. Oh, in case you missed it, BoB has been turned off again, and GCP is back up.

    1. I did miss it. Thanks!

      Was pretty sure you had your hands full w hospital & other duties. Will call soon!

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