Point of No Return?

“Every day since the Grand Jury decision was released (along with the autopsy findings and witness testimonies), our so-called black elected leaders along with black academics have appeared on network news programs making absurd pronouncements as though there had not been a Grand Jury proceeding.”



  1. Our ABC, aka the Aging Blowhard Communists, have likewise covered the story without a reference to or any quote from the verdict. The story is ‘white cop shot unarmed black teenager’ and that’s all of it right there.
    I heard a segment of the interview the police officer did with George Whatisname who used to work for Bill Clinton. The cop, amazingly kept his cool as George came at him with very slanted and provocative questions.

    1. To be completely honest, I don’t watch “news” or news/talk on tv, nor do I listen on radio anymore. I get almost all my information from blogs! In particular, blogs begun by the old crowd at Tim Blair. I don’t have time to read much anymore, and our computer died a few weeks back so spending even less time online…typing on Kindle keyboard is much less comfortable than a proper keyboard…

      That said, everything you hear is fabricated, twisted, or take completely out of context. In one SMALL example of this, did you know that Brown’s mother is not married to the man referred to as the step-father…And that neither they nor the father are custodial parents — Brown was being raised by his grandmother.

      This is why they call themselves ‘journalists’ now, instead of reporters. Because they earn a degree and journalize, they don’t report.

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