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Three memes caught my eye today

This first one, I wish I had seen earlier in the Obumbum reign of terror: I found this one on a Facebook forum: And who will ever forget this Classic: That’s all for now – feeling a bit under the weather here today – warm, humid weather. Much more like September than November. Ah well…see […]

The Cuban Pig is Dead. Finally.

Once again, certain citizens of this country get it not just wrong, but sickeningly disgustingly unforgivably wrong. Sorry he’s dead? Nope. Hope his last days were miserable? Yep. Sorry he lived so long? Yes. Sad for his family and ‘supporters?’ Nope. Hoping there really is a Hell for him to burn in? Betcherass. From National […]

I got a couple really nice presents for my birthday on Tuesday – how ’bout you?

From “Nearly all the pundits and pollsters got this election wrong. A Donald Trump victory was seen as a long shot even reportedly to the Trump campaign itself. But now that President Trump has become a reality, the left-wing media is in full panic mode. Here’s just a glimpse at what some of the headlines […]

Happy November!