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Merry Christmas!


Defenders of the Free World…so to speak…

From the Goatlocker: Boy, that was a real downer… The Old Man coming on board and gathering all the animals topside, forward of the sail… Guys with steaming cups of coffee in ratty foul weather gear with the COB yelling, “Knock it off! Pipe down ladies… Knock it off… The Captain has an announcement… Settle […]

#Gab. Because #FirstAmendment means something.

Yep. Even though I was never sent to the Naughty Corner, some of my Friends were – and it was for supremely stoopid shtuff. So. Gab. Hope to see some of you there!

Millinocket Marathon And Half

You’ve GOT to see these pictures. The red building on the left in this picture, taken at the start/finish line on Penobscot Avenue, is the lodge where I worked all summer.

New Boss Doesn’t Seem To Be Same As The Old Boss…

I don’t think the next administration is going to be as obnoxiously ‘helpful’ to the American people as that of The Current Occupant. It has come to my attention that a significant number of appointees, in Cabinet and Advisory positions, are retired MARINES! Battlefield Marines – because that’s what Marines ARE. Their duty to our […]

Liberal “tolerance”

THIS is what voted for #Hillderbeest and #Bernie. What a perfectly disgusting example of ‘human.’


I’ve been on Twitter for quite some time…if you are, too, you can find me @prairiecat55. As for Gab, I’m there, too – @prairiecat. Y’all don’t be strangers, eh? Happy Monday!