Sunday at Mayport

Been awhile since I’ve been there. No crowd, in fact the base looked almost as deserted as a ghost town. Couple of ships in, wasn’t able to read a name and I don’t know the numerical designations (the one close to the road was 21, if that helps you any) – and no, I didn’t take pictures of them.

Trying to not be ill anymore, that cold/flu thing really knocked me for a loop. Then Husband got it, so I had to be well. Sunday I felt a lot better. Come to find out, several people in my general age group – all over the damn country – have had it turn into pneumonia! Glad I lucked out on that one.  Anyway, here’s some nice photos from Sunday, taken on my tiny Casio digital camera. The first 2 are from a drive in January, when we went thru Fernandina Beach. The others are the beach at NB Mayport. #ClickEmToBigEm!


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