Go with God now, Bill – thank you for all you’ve done.

Australian cartoonist and portraitist Bill Leak died of heart attack. Tim Blair’s column was where I first found Bill Leak, back in 2001, I believe. Truly a man to be admired…Mark Steyn has written a compelling tribute.

I doubt this is how he thought his life would end up when he first came to public attention in the Seventies. He was a skilled and sensitive portraitist of Sir Don Bradman and other great Aussies, and you can see in his paintings what he loved and cherished. He could have led just as successful a life far more quietly. But, when the Islamic Statists and the Oz statists alike decided to target him and his art, he didn’t flinch. He understood the malign alliance between Islamic imperialism and a squishy, appeasing west. One of his cartoons shows a spotty T-shirted kid announcing he’s off to join ISIS in “the war on western freedoms”. “No need for that, son,” says his dad. “They’re giving them away.”

Read the rest here.


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