Not Deplorable – this is Despicable

The Americans with Disabilities Act has done some good and reasonable things which ensure ‘access’ to those who are less capable than others. There are wooden boardwalks thru the dunes at the beach near here, making it possible for those in wheelchairs or using other ‘devices’ to enjoy the beauty of the dunes near the ocean.

However, in my experience, it has done far more damage than good. The costs to many companies have led to doors being closed. There’s just not enough money in a small business to make the kind of extensive changes ordered by the courts.

The most recent of these despicable rulings is the suit by Gallaudet University against UC Berkeley. This institution of higher learning will begin deleting its entire online open-source curricula tomorrow – because some of the articles posted to youtube are not accessible to those with impaired hearing.

Read the article.


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