Monthly Archives: April 2017

Let them eat…what?

Ah, nutritional perfection, as mandated by Big Government…what’s not to love. Todd Starnes tells what’s not to love…read the column here. “My friend, the Southern Humorist Shelley Rushing Tomlinson, seems to think whole grain biscuits are a Communist plot. No freedom-honoring nation should force whole-grain cathead biscuits on their young, she told me.” Hat tip […]

Jiggety Jig!

Home again! We are back in our little house. Still have Bird and Mr. Floppy the cat – and have added a year old black lab (yeah, there’s some moving shock for ya). Eventually, I hope to post pictures and stuff here more often. For now, let’s just breathe another sigh of relief that #derHillderbeest is […]