Independence Day 2017


Here in NEFL, it’s hot as blazes. Cools all the way down to 86F at night. Bleh. So…no picnic in the park or even beach time for us…I hate crowds and I hate hot weather. Staying home seemed a reasonable idea to me. Well, I fixed Duffy bacon and eggs for breakfast, then showered and we went to a little cigar bar he found in Murray Hill called Tobacco Galore/ Wine Down Cigar Lounge. Had a fountain Coke and watched golf while he had a very nice cigar and a ginger ale that several people complimented. Marie was the wait-person/ clerk and she was awesome.

We got home just before 1pm, and I fixed our Independence Day main meal – pan-seared steaks, potato salad, corn on the cob, and tomato-cucumber salad (dressed with a FABulous orange/ mango/ passionfruit oil I got in Bangor, Maine last summer), followed by Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate ice cream. Nice. VERY nice.

When the dishes were done, I gave The Flopster a bath in the sink. I did that pretty regular when he was young, but not since we left for Pensacola. He was not happy, but he has dried well and forgiven me. Bless his little heart…CatBath
I spent the next 90 minutes or so in our tiny pool in the back yard. We just put it up again on Sunday, and it was a very smart move. Nature’s air conditioning – a bit of a breeze and a big tub full of water. So refreshing after work yesterday, and relaxing today in the heat.

I have a little visit to the boob people tomorrow – I hate mammograms. There is NO breast cancer in anyone anywhere in my bloodline. But I like my doc at NavHospJax, so I scheduled this so he doesn’t have to give account to his superiors for a cantankerous old woman who won’t agree to his requests for baseline exams.

Oh, yeah – picture of my ‘new’ glasses. Got ’em the first week of May, but…well, yeah. You understand.


Oh, yeah – I couldn’t resist putting this one in here – saw it several places on Facebook today. HappyIndependenceDay

Now, off I go to have either watermelon or more ice cream. Thanks for stopping by!


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