About Grandma Karla (aka kc)

    That’s me 3rd from left, white sleeveless shirt.

  • Age: 56
  • Gender: Female
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio
  • Zodiac Year: Sheep
  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Occupation: Homemaker
  • Location: Florida, United States

About Me

I was born and mostly raised on the prairies of Montana and southern Alberta, though I won’t say I ‘grew up’ there. My parents met at a college dance on Friday the 13th and were engaged 10 days later. She was a student, he was in the Air Force. Dad went back east and mailed Mom a tiny little diamond ring. They were married that November, and their ‘honeymoon’ was driving to D.C. It could have been a portent of the future. Dad changed jobs a lot, Mom was a schoolteacher, and could get a job anywhere Dad happened to find a job that struck his fancy. We (I have a brother 14 months older and a sister 7 years younger) moved almost every year from the time I was 7 till I left home in 1974 at 18. We seldom (Twice? Helena – grade 4&5 & Havre – junior & senior in high school…THREE times, really – 8th and 9th grades were at Conquerville School in Alberta) went to the same school two years in a row.

Dad died of colon cancer on 11 November 1991. Mom spent most of the 20 years since his death with my sister in Colorado, but has recently moved back to her hometown in Montana. I am envious.

The nomadic years became a template for my life, up to and including marrying a Sailor when I was 29. We raised our Lovely Daughter at five different duty stations from Maine to Hawai’i. I managed to survive pre-cancer treatment, several motorcycle wrecks, and a liver that had filed for divorce. I found the Design For Living I follow today in June of 1997. The Chief retired in November 2006 and went off to hike the AT the following April. He came off the Trail in May to walk his daughter down the aisle. Our granddaughter was born that October, she is the Light and Laughter in my life. Or at least she was till we reconciled our marriage and began trudging the same Path again. Tell you what, those 4 1/2 months of ‘separation’ were a lesson I’ll not forget, and I’m grateful every day that we get another chance.

I’m Little Grandma Daycare, spending my days with my BEEootiful Pixie. We have a very nice time together, but my Number One ‘role’ is being Duffy’s Wife. I won’t give it up so easily again.

I’ll also mention here that I’m not Christian. I was baptised in the Catholic church as a baby, per my parents’ wish to keep peace in Dad’s family. I went to Sunday School as a child, usually at the Methodist church in whatever town we were in at the time, and after I left home my parents converted (unofficially) to Judaism. I am a Zionist supporter, with a firm belief in the right of the State of Israel to exist and fight anyone anywhere that threatens her. There are many admirable things in many different religions, but I’m too skittish and opinionated to let any one of them claim authority over my soul.

Politically, I’m a Constitutional libertarian, leaning conservative on many issues but “liberal” on many others. What does the Constitution say? Again, no one party fits my opinions, and little provision is made for those of us who have no religion and believe it to be a personal matter. I am registered as NPA (No Party Affiliation) and cannot vote in any state primaries.


    Spending time with my Husband; hanging with our BEEootiful granddaughter, Lovely Daughter, and Handsome Son-in-law; gardening; baseball (


    ); taking care of the cats; 12-Step Recovery; spiritual growth   —   List not in any particular order!

Favorite Movies

Taking Chance
To Kill A Mockingbird
Scrooge – also known as A Christmas Carol (the one from the 50s)
True Grit
Secondhand Lions
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Maltese Falcon
28 Days
Open Range
The Wizard of Oz
African Queen

Favorite Music

    Skynyrd; Van Zant; Kingston Trio; Alice Cooper; Black Sabbath; Dean Martin; Bobby Darin; patriotic music of all kinds; And, surprisingly enough, I’ve got a real liking for some of my son-in-law’s headbanger stuff too.

Favorite Books

To Kill A Mockingbird
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
The Honk and Holler Opening Soon
The “Odd Thomas” books by Dean Koontz



  1. Hi!
    That’s interesting. If I could ever get my a into g I’d write likes/dislikes, favourite movies etc, but I really can’t think of them when I’m trying to do those stupid “about me” thingies.
    Have you tried Tim-Tams? Have you tried Vegemite? Enquiring minds need to know…

  2. This took me MONTHS to compile, Kae! And then I copied and pasted it from blogger!

    No, no Tim-Tams yet, but my friend who’s married to an Aussie is there visiting family now, and when they come back they promised to bring some Vegemite to try. Garry can’t bear it, one child loves it, the other thinks it’s horrid. So I’m going to see for myself.

  3. Okay, word to the wise, a scrape of vegemite on buttered toast, only a SCRAPE, not like you’d eat honey or peanut butter.

    It’s also good on crusty bread with butter and again, only a SCRAPE of vegemite. I prefer not to mix the butter and veg on the bread, some people don’t mind. On the toast it’s difficult not to mix it a bit. But it’s high-tech eating.

    People who like more than a scrape are probably addicted.

    1. I’ll keep your wisdom in mind, Kae, thanks…no hurry, really, they’re going to be gone for about 9 more weeks.

      Buttered toast…white bread?

  4. bobbelvedere · · Reply

    KC, you requested some help altering your Blogger profile so your permalink goes to this, your new site. Here’s how to do it….

    1) In your Blogger Dashboard, click on My Account

    2) Under My Products, click on the word Settings located to the right of the word Blogger

    3) The ‘Edit User Profile’ screen will appear

    4) Under the General section, alter the Homepage URL field information

    5) Click-on the SAVE PROFILE button at the bottom of the screen

    If you have any questions or problems, let me know.

    PS: I fixed my Blogroll link to your site so it points here.

    1. Thanks, Bob. Working my way through all the OTHER places I’ve signed up with my blog address…*sigh* Really appreciate the directions being written down for me, since I can’t always track from one task to another.

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