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Rest In Peace, Ron…show the angels that mango swirl you do so well!


Did it – yes, she sure did!

Let them eat…what?

Ah, nutritional perfection, as mandated by Big Government…what’s not to love. Todd Starnes tells what’s not to love…read the column here. “My friend, the Southern Humorist Shelley Rushing Tomlinson, seems to think whole grain biscuits are a Communist plot. No freedom-honoring nation should force whole-grain cathead biscuits on their young, she told me.” Hat tip […]

SEPTEMBER 11 – 2001 AND 2012

Originally posted SEVERAL years ago. September 11, 2016 · by kcduffy · in Blair Nation, Heartache, Heroes, Paco Nation, Taking Back America, Traitors and Patriots, WOLVERINES! · 4 Comments ·Edit   PROJECT 2996 Remembering: James D. Cleere I found a reprint / repost of a Washington Post list of House Document No. 107-285, Commemorative Joint Meeting […]

Assorted pictures from our time at the Hiker Hostel…so far…

Happy Happy Happy!!!

On this day in 1986 – about 5 minutes ago, to be precise – my Lovely Daughter came into this world, and changed my life forever. I don’t have the words to tell you what a blessing she’s been…she’s funny and smart and loving and kind…but also snarky – no idea where THAT would come […]

Cheryl Duffy Pleuss

You left a space no one else will ever fill. I said goodbye to you in the same building where I met you. I have cried more today than in any day I can remember for a very long time. I love you, Sweetheart, and I’m not the only one. The world is better for […]